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Respectful, Safe and Responsible Learners

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Preschool philosophy

Our vision

Our vision forms the foundations for every decision we make in providing care and education for young children. Children's lives are characterised by belonging, being and becoming. Children are connected to family, community, culture and place.


About children, we believe that:

  • Children are unique individuals.
  • Children develop at different rates.
  • Each child has the right to equity, regardless of individual learning needs, gender or cultural diversity.
  • Each child will bring his own unique background and culture and contribute this to our preschool.
  • Children need support from adults in order to learn and develop across all domains of knowledge, capacities, skills, relationships and understanding both, cognitive and physical.

About learning, we believe that:

  • Learning is child focussed, child driven and educators are there to support them in their learning.
  • Children develop imagination and creativity through play, exploration and experience.
  • Children learn by watching what others model. We as educators have a powerful opportunity to model positive behaviours and values of kindness, fairness and safety.
  • A child feels safe when the adults around her/him have consistent expectations.

About families, we believe that:

  • Every family differs in its makeup, values and culture; every family has the right to equity and respect.
  • The family is the primary source of education for the child.
  • In the preschool setting we have the opportunity to guide families towards a positive experience of learning and exploring. All involvement is encouraged and welcomed.

About teamwork, we believe that:

  • As educators and parents, we must work together to achieve our children's educational goals and create a safe, enjoyable learning environment for all families and children.
  • It is vital that we respect the confidentiality and privacy of our colleagues, families and children confidentiality and privacy.
  • We respect our colleagues' individual skills and encourage them to learn and explore along with the children.
  • As educators we listen to and respond to the informal and formal feedback from parents to ensure that our service continues to improve.

About the environment, we believe that:

  • Early childhood is a great time to involve children in education for sustainability and develop lifelong practices.
  • Within our curriculum for sustainability, we focus on living things, growing our own food, responsible use of water and energy and recycling.

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